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Wine sector

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Picto wine sector

The entire wine industry represented at SITEVI 2023

Key figures

  •  One farm in five has a vine-winegrowing activity. There are 85,000 of them in France. 57% of volumes produced are vinified by individual wineries. The remaining 43% are vinified by the 1,500 winemakers and dealers and cooperatives. (Source CNIV)
  • France currently has 47,269 wineries with a total production of €218,182 (source: Axema economic report 23).
  • In 2019, France produced 4.2 billion litres of wine, making up 17% of global production. It is the second largest producer of wine in the world by volume, behind Italy. Three quarters of the wines produced are still wines, 55% of which are red, 26% white and 19% rose. (Source CNIV)
  • France is the second biggest consumer of wine in the world, behind the United States and ahead of Italy. More than 3.5 billion bottles were consumed in France in 2019. 
  • This French consumption, which has been dropping over the last 30 years, has declined from 100 litres per inhabitant per year in 1975 to 40 litres today. (Source CNIV)
  • Nearly 500,000 direct and indirect jobs are generated by viticulture in France. (Source CNIV)
  •  Agricultural wine production will represent 1,408 million euros in 2022, or 14.4% of French agricultural production. This represents an increase of 30% compared with 2021.
  • The quantities produced are also up by 20% compared with 2021, representing 45.377 million hectolitres in 2022. (source: Axema 23 economic report)
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