Olive sector

The entire olive sector will be represented at SITEVI 2019.

The whole olive sector represented


  • Tractors and traction equipment
  • Equipment for soil maintenance and cultivation
  • Sowing and planting equipment
  • Irrigation equipment
  • Crop protection, spraying and fertilising equipment 
  • Maintenance, grafting and tying-up equipment for vine and fruit tree pruning
  • Grape harvest equipment
  • Engines, parts and components 
  • Professional equipment for green areas and forestry 
  • Wine making, pressing and processing of musts and wines equipment
  • Equipment for stills , measuring and controlling instruments for wine making
  • Products for bottling and packaging
  • Handling and transport equipment
  • Harvesting, conserving and packing equipment for fruit, vegetable and olive
  • Agribusiness (fertilisers, plant protection products, plastics, etc.)
  • Sustainable developement - renewable energy
  • Services, data processing, management