Portrait de Toby Bekkers

Toby BEKKERS, Viticulturist, Bekkers Wine, McLaren Vale, South Australia

“In any country and in any type of farming the best businesses share one thing in common, attention to the small details”

Spotlight on key facts and main elements of his approach:

The estate

  • 15ha of vineyard in South Australia growing Shiraz and Grenache
  • Combined wine experience: Toby is working with his wife Emmanuelle who is a French winemaker


  • Borrowed heavily from other industries in terms of analysis of their luxury brand strategies
  • Marketing direct to the customer
  • Focus not only on production but also on customer preferences to help develop new experiences and products
  • Personalised small group tasting to get to the heart of customers’ emotional needs – “why they choose us over someone else”


  • Extensive understanding of McLaren Vale wines
  • Creation of small volumes of highly-rated wines for Australia’s premier restaurants and wine merchants: production mainly reserved for client list
  • Australian Wine Research Institute board member
  • Graduate, Wine Industry Future Leader’s Program 2009
  • Nuffield Scholar 2017

Find out more: https://bekkerswine.comhttp://nuffieldinternational.org

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