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The Clochers et Terroirs winery, winner of the Groupes 30 000 call for projects

In the heart of the Hérault valley, the Clochers et Terroirs cooperative winery  brings together 850 winegrowers who together tend vineyards totalling 2,600 hectares. In 2021, the winery was voted winner of the Groupes 30 000 Occitanie call for projects. It is part of the “Emergence” section, and deploys its agro-environmental project in association with the Hérault chamber of agriculture. 


The wines produced by Clochers et Terroirs


The winery produces wines bearing Protected Geographical Indication (IGP in French) and Protected Denomination of Origin (AOP in French) labels. 

About Groupes 30 000

The aim of Groupes 30 000 is to reduce the use of chemical crop protection products as part of the French ECOPHYTO 2 + plan. Launched in 2017 in Occitania, they gather between ten and 20 farmers and a team moderator who supports them for three years. The actions of the Groupes 30 000 revolve around three main pillars:


  • Optimising existing practices 
  • Replacing current practices by methods that use less crop protection products 
  • Transforming the cropping system as a whole.

This scheme was launched to support agro-ecological transition in winegrowing and improve the environmental performances of this sector, all the while meeting consumer expectations and promoting products. The formation of this group is to pool technical knowledge, share the results of innovative practices, and exchange experiences between farmers. 

The environmental issues of the project 


In its geographical location, the Clochers et Terroirs winery benefits from several advantages to produce high quality wine. The Hérault valley is fortunate to have a conducive climate, good orientation and a wide variety of soil types to obtain a broad range of grape varieties and a wide  aromatic palette.

Within Groupe 30 000, the winery has ambitious goals:

  • Reduce the use of herbicides
  • Eradicate CMRs
  • Store carbon in the soil
  • Control fertilisation
  • Improve functional biodiversity 

At the last edition of SITEVI, the Hérault chamber of agriculture presented some encouraging results. The use of CMRs was cut, and the treatment frequency indices of herbicides and ex-herbicide products were down. All the members of the group were awarded Terra Vitis and HVE ((high environmental value) certification. To support members in better agro-environmental practices, environmental days are regularly organised.  

Clochers et Terroirs, a winery rooted in its community 

photo Coop live Festival Clochers et Terroirs







But over and beyond wine production, the winery has a wider ambition to build bonds between the cooperative, local inhabitants and employees. This is how the Coop Live Festival came into being. Every year for the past four years, the Puilacher winery becomes a festive venue and welcomes street artists, musicians and photographers. An array of activities are organised on site (graffiti, food trucks, a bar, climbing walls, skateboarding and roller skating, winery visits, etc.). Next event: 9,10 and 11 June 2023! 


The Clochers et Terroirs winery is highly committed to the agro-ecological transition. As part of the Groupe 30 000, the cooperative tests new practices, while the Hérault chamber of agriculture trains and supports members all year round to implement them. All over the region, similar initiatives are launched, sponsored by the chambers of agriculture of the respective departments. In the Vaucluse, the Piolenc experimental estate is another promising project that was presented at the last SITEVI. For each group, tangible results are visible and there is a real desire to continue the momentum of the work achieved.

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