Survey of SITEVI's visitors

For its 2021 edition, SITEVI wishes to best respond to the expectations and problems of its French and international visitors.

Be part in SITEVI 2021

The survey carried out in September among 1,677 visitors, including 93 international visitors, revealed their firm intention to visit the 2021 edition of SITEVI.


Priorities related to the themes of the show

Visitor participation is reflected in particular by a desire to carry out an investment project at the end of the first half of 2022, in parallel with their current priorities and concerns:

  • management of climatic hazards,
  • fight against decline,
  • improvement of yields,
  • reduction of the environmental footprint...

Visitors will be able to find these answers through the 2021 conference program, in particular through the themes : adaptation to climate change and hazards, agro-ecological transition or even varietal innovation.


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