Portrait de Romuald Boursot

Romuald Boursot, winemaker at domaine Maison Boursot Père et Fils, Côte-d'Or - France

"After harvest, once the grapes are in the tank, every step influences the wine. Controlling external parameters and comfortable working conditions are important to produce the desired result.” 

The estate

  • Romuald joined the family firm in 2012 with his brother. They are the 15th generation of the winegrowing family which dates back to 1550.
  • 1ha fully owned (pinot noir), Village and premier Cru appellations.
  • 4ha farmed through a merchant activity since 1992, with all ranges of appellations represented (vin de France, regional, villages, premier and grand cru).
  • 30,000 bottles per year.
  • Development of export whilst continuing to sell to personal customers


  • Mechanical hoeing of ground and under vines
  • Tests of organic products and cover crops for soil maintenance
  • Purchase of a 2,500 sqm serviced building plot to build a new winery.
  • Spacious and step-free winery, compliant with standards, with a wash bay and wastewater collection tank.
  • Water circuit: dechlorination and water softening for the whole building.
  • Barrel and bottle cellar with a built-in humidifier, air conditioning for temperature control. Humidification system with osmosis plant maintained 24h/day at 75% humidity, developed by R-tech Œnologie.
  • Order preparation chain with direct label printing machine
  • Stainless steel tanks fitted with tube-in-tube refrigeration plates (‘biscuits’) to control temperature using heat pump and chiller
  • Sulphur-free wine
  • The entire harvested plant goes into some wines (20-30% of volume) to allow the stalk to add freshness and body.
  • Wines matured for 1/3 of the time in a 320-litre amphora, partly to contribute a fresh and fruity note. The wine is micro-oxygenated through the pores of the clay.

Observed results

  • Better working conditions, substantial winemaking capacity.
  • Modern image for French and foreign customers. A sign of development.
  • Perfect control of conditions (temperature, humidity) for wine making and ageing with systems that can be controlled around the clock.
  • The ‘biscuits’ offer the chance to have tanks that are heat regulated in the centre of the must and not from the outside, for more consistent temperatures.
  • The label printing machine offers high adaptability and simplifies the preparation of small orders. Label stocks are also kept low, while wholesale orders can be made for economies of scale.

Find out more at: www.boursotpereetfils.com

Profile written by AgrOnov, the agroecology innovation hub 

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