Cagettes fruits et légumes

Outlook for the Fruit and Vegetables Sector

According to Ludovic Guinard, the deputy chief executive of the CTIFL, the fruit and vegetable sector needs to adapt to the emergence of new economic models as well as anticipate the evolution of the sector.

Three major challenges can be observed:

  • Make companies more competitive to win back domestic and export market share
  • Be capable of meeting the demands of society (environment, ethics, social action)
  • Make economy of resources a key to development

The social and environmental aspect appears to be the main challenge

Even with all the efforts made the last few years in order to reduce inputs, the sector still faces technical, economic and regulatory quandaries. Moreover, some challenges have already impacted the sector such as energy saving, access to water with increased risks of shortages, the consequences of climate change on crop growing methods. Market volatility and the trends in society are making it a necessity for the industry’s players to gain immediate agility.

Innovation as the main goal

These challenges as well as the support from the sector’s professionals has pushed the Ctifl to reasserts its position as a driver of innovation working for the fruit and vegetable sector. As a result, the CTIFL is stepping up its work on the three stages of the chain of innovation: capturing innovation / integrating it and adapting it to the market / passing it on. In 2017, a major investment program was initiated to boost innovation and rise to the challenges of our specialized sectors. Ctifl’s presence at SITEVI for its 40th anniversary and our membership of the judging panel of the SITEVI Innovation Awards are examples of its commitment.

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