Laure FIGEUREU-BIDAUD, Fruit / Mixed crop farmer – Les Andely, Eure - France

“Diversification for greater sustainability on the farm”

The farm

  • 3 hectares of raspberry bushes, currently under conversion to organic (an additional 0.5 ha of raspberries and planting of 1 ha of blackberries in 2020)
  • Sold exclusively in direct sales channels, under the registered brand Les Jardins IDA. Member of Bienvenue à la Ferme
  • 470 ha of row crops, mainly sold through local cooperatives
  • 120 ha of pasture, used for dairy farming
  • 300,000 l of milk => 600,000 l in 2021


  • Application of sustainability and CSR principles to promote the emergence of new crops, the reinforcement of traditional supply chains and the creation of new sales methods
  • “Natural” cultivation of raspberries (open air, entirely grassed-over and organic farming)
  • Creation of a strong brand through which to sell them
  • Involvement in the development of new selling methods, in direct contact with consumers
  • 2015: Installation of beehives in partnership with a local apiarist.

Observed results

  • Creation from scratch of a small fruit activity in a region traditionally known for row crops and livestock farming
  • Creation of 4.5 EFT position, partly with employment outreach schemes or from sheltered work organisations
  • Investment in 3 cooperative shops bringing together producers, employees and consumers
  • Introduction of a “Farm Box” for wholesale in direct contact with food artisans and professionals
  • Supplier to collective catering
  • Winner of the Graines d’Agriculteurs competition in the category “Contribution to the economy” and a Nuffield 2015 award winner

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