Portrait de Jean-Luc Mazas

Jean-Luc Mazas - Winemaker - Owner of the domaine de La Belle Dame - Occitanie

"When I bought the winery, I thought it an obvious choice to introduce measures to offer better accessibility to people with reduced mobility in my point of sale."

Spotlight on key facts and main elements of his approach:

The estate

  • Independent winery - 18-hectare wine estate (muscat petits grains), organically farmed, manually harvested
  • 75% of production sold directly to the public
  • 20,000 bottles sold


  • Installation of a disabled parking space and an access ramp
  • Fitting of doors with anti-intrusion glass and signage on windows
  • Increase in font size on labels, development of labels written in braille
  • Height adjustment of sales desk and wider aisles
  • Refitting of toilets to offer access to wheelchairs
  • Plans for covered wagon accommodation in 2018


  • Access to new customer audience
  • Substantial increase in direct selling: from 70% sold to retailers to only 25%
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction and, more important, loyalty
  • First winery in the department to be certified "Tourism & Handicap" for the four disabilities (motor, mental, hearing and sight) in 2016
  • Awarded labels of "Bienvenue à la ferme", "Sud de France", "Vignobles et Découvertes" & "Qualité Sud de France"
  • Currently undergoing certification process for Ecocert label

Find out more: https://www.belledame.fr/

Portrait produced by APCA under the Innov Action programme: www.innovaction-agriculture.fr


Meet Jean-Luc Mazas during his workshop:
“How to welcome a new customer audience“
Wednesday November 29th - 09:30am - Hall B5 - Le Forum

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