Portrait de Francisco Expedito DAMASCENO AMORIM

Francisco Expedito DAMASCENO AMORIM, Vale do São Francisco, Petrolina-PE, Brazil

"With modern irrigation and techniques, the Vale do São Francisco has gone from being a vast semi-arid expanse to one of the leading agricultural regions in Brazil and the world"

Spotlight on key facts and main elements of his approach:

The estate: Fazenda Boa Terra

  • 220 ha of desert terrain, including 110 ha for mango farming
  • Production of different varieties of mango: Tommy Atkins, Palmer, Kent and Keitt


  • A pioneer in the region for the past ten years in irrigation systems
  • Use of a modern irrigation system which calculates the volume of water required according to crop evaporation and transpiration for each phenological state, dispensed using micro-sprinklers and droplines
  • Physical and chemical soil analyses
  • Local production of young plants
  • Choice of crop protection products with lowest-toxicity on the market
  • Pest and disease control using a range of methods which are harmless to users and the environment
  • Practices to prevent scabbing
  • Use of plant growth retardants to harvest all year round


  • Better management and efficiency of resources, mainly water
  • The most productive and profitable farm in the region

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Portrait by Business France (São Paulo office)

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