Portrait de Florian Ruscon

Florian Ruscon, winegrower at Domaine des Sénons,Yonne - France

"The key to organic and biodynamic growing is to act upon all the possible agronomic levers. Planting density, vine height, crop cover, using hedges, nesting boxes and insect hotels to help fight natural pests."

The estate 

  • Estate under construction with a target of 12 hectares.
  • PGI Yonne, Burgundy varieties: chardonnay, pinot noir & pinot gris.
  • Established with two associates to re-create the bygone vineyards of Sens.
  • Planting density: 5,000 vine stocks per hectare, grown to medium height with 2 metres between rows and 1 m between plats


  • Vines planted together with a geotextile fabric, Longprotect, made by the company Géochanvre made of hydrolysed hemp and starch polymer. This biodegradable mulch effectively combats competition from weeds and maintains temperature and humidity levels in the ground.
  • Sprayer fitted with a recovery panel, the Turbipano by Dagnaud.
  • Connected weather station
  • Bat nesting boxes to encourage the development of neighbouring fauna and flora and fight natural pests.

Observed results 

  • Maximum satisfaction with mulch: during the drought: the humidity retention was very beneficial. No weeds grew beneath the mulch, generating better working conditions and less labour.
  • Reduced watering and loss of young plants. The only difficulty encountered was weeds on the edge of the mulch.
  • The sprayer generates savings in the use of copper solution and avoids saturating the ground with protection products.
  • The weather station provides useful information to organise and plan work.
  • The planting density reduces the risk of disease spreading from soil to plant and the aeration reduces the frost risk.

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Profile written by AgrOnov, the agroecology innovation hub 

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