Portrait d'Emmanuel Poirmeur

Emmanuel Poirmeur – Winegrower – Egiategia & Erlaitza – Pyrénées-Atlantiques – France

"Forming unique wines with the marine environment"

Spotlight on key items and touch points of his approach

The estate

  • 2 ha planted with Chardonnay
  • The desire to extend the vineyard to 7 hectares in the next three years
  • A trading activity started up in 2008 and first marketing in 2013 of wines which are re-vinified in subsea conditions
  • The ambition to produce 200,000 premium range bottles in three years' time


  • Patent application in 2007 relating to subsea vinification process
  • Vineyard cultivated with grass covering and non-interventionist practices
  • Mastery of second fermentation processes (Xarmat method) in subsea conditions
  • Enhancement of knowledge of the microbiological behaviour of yeasts and aromatic development in extreme conditions


  • Creation from scratch of a wine trading company, a wine estate and the redevelopment of a neglected production region
  • Installation of the first vineyard on the French Basque coast
  • Vines grown on a listed site in a Natura 2000 zone
  • Discovery of a new expression of Chardonnay
  • Local wine production in an area where winegrowing had disappeared
  • Production of sparkling wines made from subsea vinification at sea depth of 15 metres in the Saint-Jean-de-Luz bay
  • Development of specific flavours thanks to subsea vinification
  • Reduction of energy costs relating to production of sparkling wines

Find out more at: www.egiategia.fr

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