Portrait de Cédric Casanova

Cédric Casanova, Olive farmer, « La tête dans les olives », Sicily, Italy

"Reconsidering what already exists using innovative regional promotion techniques"

Spotlight on key items and touch points of his approach

The estate

  • Olive trees, centuries old, in the Belice valley (dating back to 17th century)
  • A large number of very small plots each belonging to a different family
  • Before the implementation of promotional actions: severe difficulties in making these olive groves profitable


  • Systematic examination of organoleptic behaviour and variations of each variety
  • Organisation of a "differential harvest", plot by plot
  • Mapping of all of the plots and their respective organoleptic profiles
  • Creation of a comprehensive variety system by associating the name of the tree owner with the name of the olive variety


  • This system allows the production oils of each variety which makes up the olive estate
  • Selling one oil per parcel with a quite distinct profile
  • Improved quality and easier to promote and market
  • A new impetus for these olive estates which up until then had not been promoted

More information at: http://www.latetedanslesolives.com/

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