Portrait de Cameron Roucher

Cameron ROUCHER, Viticulturist, Vineyard Manager, Rathfinny Wine Estate, East Sussex, UK

"Climate change will affect all of us and in particular how we grow. We need to prepare as best we can for what is to come”

Spotlight on key facts and main elements of his approach:

The estate

  • 240 hectares farmed; 70 hectares of vineyard
  • Plan to extend vineyard to 150 ha over the next 5 years
  • 7 full time staff in the vineyard. Up to 120 local people employed during harvest
  • Ambition: to produce 1,000,000 bottles of Sussex Sparkling wine


  • Making the vineyard accessible to the public: creation of a vineyard walking trail with information boards to better educate the public on the procedures in the vineyard
  • Installation of wind shelters in exposed areas
  • Integrated pest management strategy
  • Working with several Universities and Colleges to gain a better understanding of the environmental factors affecting crop production
  • Use of compost for both plant nutrition and moisture retention in high exposure areas


  • Sustainable development of the vineyard over the last 5 years from bare fields
  • Yields and quality increased thanks to the wind shelters
  • Onsite composting of grape marc to further cut inputs
  • Nuffield scholar 2017

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