Bruno Le Breton - Winemaker - Owner of the Domaine de la Jasse estate - Occitanie

"The notion of durability is essential in my view, whether external sustainability, meaning environmental protection, or securing the future of the firm from within."

Spotlight on key facts and main elements of his approach:

The estate

  • A 55-hectare winegrowing estate with independent vinification
  • 11 employees, 5 of whom are members of the estate's management committee
  • Produce: 1 million bottles (50% direct selling, 50% sold wholesale)


  • Implementation of actions fulfilling employees' and customers' expectations in terms of commitment to the community and the environment
  • Sustainable farming of the vineyard by leaving grass to grow, a controlled chemical crop protection strategy and better water resource management
  • No sulphites used for 10 years
  • Plans to shift to crop treatment without carcinogenic chemical agents (CMR substance list)
  • 18-month employee training plan (machinery operation, fire safety, electrical certification, first responder, working technique and posture)
  • Creation and distribution of a "Responsible Tasting Charter"
  • Choice of lighter bottles


  • Reduction in the estate's environmental footprint
  • 100% waste processed: oil cans, rags, paper, etc.
  • Enhancement of employee pride and better well-being at work
  • High Environmental Value certification
  • "Confirmed" level in AFAQ 26000 assessment on corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • Thanks to lighter bottles: equivalent of 500,000 km saved, the equivalent of a carbon footprint reduction of more than 130 tonnes

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