Audrey Martinez, Winemaker and Broadcaster - Influencer

Audrey, who are you and what do you do ?

Audrey, who are you and what do you do ?

I'm a winemaker and communicator. I divide my time between making wine, at Domaine la Vivarelle near Pézenas in the Hérault region, and talking about wine, on social networks and online through articles that aim to make my passion accessible to everyone.

Why do you visit SITEVI ?

I visit SITEVI to find my suppliers of vine plants, wine-making equipment, dry materials (corks, bottles, cartons)... To keep abreast of the latest technical innovations and packaging trends. Of course, it's also an opportunity to chat with colleagues over a glass of wine...

Tell us about your fondest memory of SITEVI, and how long have you been taking part ?

The first time I took part in SITEVI was during my studies at Agro Montpellier, where I took the viticulture-oenology specialization, and SITEVI fitted in perfectly with my curriculum.
My fondest memory dates back to the 2019 edition, when I moderated a round table discussion on a subject close to my heart, "Are women on trend in the vine and wine industry?", an incredibly rich moment of sharing!

What are you looking forward to in 2023 ?

That it informs me, surprises me, enthralls me, and helps me evolve my practices to better meet the challenges of climate change and consumer expectations.

What are your current issues and how does the show address them ?

The most pressing issue facing the wine industry is undoubtedly the impact of global warming, particularly in southern regions like where I live in the Languedoc.
We're cruelly short of water for this 2023 vintage, and the week of exceptional heatwave that came late, in mid-August, has put our vines to a severe test.
I'm particularly interested in technical conferences and tastings of drought-tolerant grape varieties.

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