Galerie de l'innovation du SITEVI

A record number of entries for the SITEVI Innovation Awards!

With 79 submissions compared with 60 in 2015, innovation will be more present than ever at SITEVI! This increase in the number of entries is a clear illustration of the vitality of the three sectors represented at the show.

Represented sectors

All production sectors are represented by the Innovation Awards entries: the vine sector most obviously, but also the sectors of fruit-growing, olive growing and vegetable crop production.

Wine-making entries also account for a lot of registrations, from picked grape treatment to bottling and filling/packing

Expert analysis

The judging panel’s first meeting took place on Friday 7 July and the experts commenced their assessments.

Gilbert Grenier, SITEVI’s technology advisor, adds:

One of the trends which looks set to continue to grow is crop protection. We are observing substantial efforts by manufacturers to obtain sprayers offering enhanced performance, and also the increasing presence of bio-control products and other alternative solutions to chemical crop protection products.

This short overview would not be complete without digital technology which is continuing to make inroads in all production sectors as well as in wine-making and filling/packing.

Make a date in September to discover the Innovation Award winners!