Photo du Village start-up SITEVI 2017

The New Technologies area

The New Technologies area provides a convivial setting on a human scale and will act as a springboard to help you get noticed alongside the big names!

About the new technologies area

Designed as a special show feature, The New Technologies area is located at the heart of the Precision Farming sector.

Visuel village start-up SITEVI

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who can benefit from this offer?

  • Companies participating for the first time in SITEVI and whose sector of activity falls within the product categories of the exhibition
  • Offer limited to 20 start-ups
  • Participation subject to approval by the organizer

An all-inclusive offer

  • The Business Pack One including: registration to multi-media (paper, website, mobile site...), exhibitor badges, company name on every show lists and floor plans....(full description available upon request)
  • A smart and practical private desk
  • Internet access (Plug-in)
  • Dedicated signage (to be defined)
  • Access to the co-working space, a lounge within the village to meet your customers and prospects
  • A quota of 50 e-codes to invite your customers, partners, funders and prospects
  • Access to a shared store cupboard
  • A power socket
  • Daily cleaning
  • Mandatory insurance
Visuel village start-up SITEVI

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To sign up, please contact the sales team: [email protected]

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