Photo village start-up SITEVI 2017

The Start-up Village

A new venue for expression and exchange, that brought together 10 innovative young companies working in agriculture

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, innovation was at the heart of SITEVI that brought together start-up that support the vine-wine, olive and fruits & vegetables production sectors in their digital transformation.

Overview of the companies and their innovative solutions

  • Carbon Bee: a tool to measure crop health, with the aim of optimising treatment and monitoring disease by capturing data using a drone a robot or a tractor.
  • Chouette Vision: vine monitoring solution which allows winegrowers to follow the health of their vineyard in real time through the combination of an automated drone and artificial intelligence.Pre-emptive detection of diseases and analysis of vigour of vines.
  • Inovinea: project to grow vines using artificial mulch between individual rain-fed and irrigated vines, with or without cover crops between rows
  • Karnott: agricultural machine load calculator. Connected to agricultural equipment, Karnott automatically and simply calculates the use of each attachment
  • Miimosa: crowdfunding platform
  • Usitab: innovative tactile solutions to enhance the man-machine interface to gradually improve the operation of production lines and thus obtain productivity gains whilst enhancing work stations.
  • Vinosoft: Sales management web-based programme for wine estates, accessible everywhere, all the time. Allows user to define products, prices, stocks and create customer orders, track dispatches, invoicing and payments received
  • Vitibot: automatizing conventional machines
  • Visio Green Agriculture: connected solutions (sensors, data analysis, apps, etc.) to help to improve the operational efficiency of farms
  • Weather measures: “turnkey” precision weather and rainfall solution. Supplies high resolution spatialized data and leverages weather data by controlling the entire value chain.