Photo village start-up SITEVI 2017

The Start-up Village

A venue for expression and exchange, that brings together innovative young companies working in agriculture

Innovation is at the heart of SITEVI, which brings together start-up who support the vine-wine, olive and fruit & vegetables production sectors in their digital transformation.

Overview of the companies and their innovative solutions

  • Aptimiz : Aptimiz is the first solution to automatically measure the entire time of People and equipment on a vineyard or orchard. Without any input, the solution is based on a Smartphone application or a sensor that automatically determines the activity that a producer performs and measures the time spent on it. The user has nothing to do, everything is done automatically : start of the day, activity detection, time spent recording and travel time. Aptimiz is different because of its simplicity of use and the global time measurement on the plots as in the buildings. Thanks to the Aptitrack function, the smartphone detects which machine a farmer is working on and with which tools. This very reachable system can be used to equip a large number of people and equipment (harvesting machines, soil working tools, handling equipment, etc.).Thanks to an analysis interface that includes various customizable dashboards, the user has a precise follow-up of his working time and mechanization cost as well as various technical indicators on working time. These data allow him to improve the organization and the hourly profitability in line with the farm objectives.

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  •  3D Aerospace : 3D Aerospace is a young innovative company based in Europe (France), specialized in connected GNSS receivers, big data and high definition 3D maps.
    Through its brand "DeVines", 3D Aerospace markets services for precision viticulture including :
    • High definition digital map of the vineyard showing the number of missing / dead vines.
    • Yield measurement by automatically counting the number of visible clusters per vine.
    • Detection of plot heterogeneity thanks to veraison, yield and leaf density indicators.
    • Tool to help manage viticultural activities.

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  • TerraNIS : TerraNIS - with the Oenoview services created in partnership with the ICV group - combines viticulture and remote sensing to optimise harvesting, field measurements and vineyard segmentation. Our product for fertilisation allows a 30% of inputs saving. We can monitor vine growth and detect anomalies compared to the previous year or within plots. We also provide water stress maps to easily detect excessive stress levels as harvest approaches.
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