The Tasting area

Masterclasses and free tasting of wines, olive oils and fruit & vegetables, brought together under the same roof in Hall B5.


Wine growers and professionals from the three SITEVI sectors present these friendly and unique sessions. Designed to facilitate meetings and exchanges, the tasting area is open to amateurs, enthusiasts and experts.

The IFV (French Institute for Wine and Vine), France Olive and the Union des Oenologues de France are once again teaming up at SITEVI to present a series of unique tasting workshop on the aromatic profiles of wines and olive oils


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Discover the themes of the 2023 masterclasses : 

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Winegrowing and winemaking: 

  • Resistant varieties: Floreal typicality in different French regions        

Speakers: Charlotte Anneraud and Christophe Séréno

Partner: Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

  • Preserving wine acidity in a context of climate change

Speakers: Carole Honoré-Chedozeau and Méven Otheguy

Partner: Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

  • How to recognize wine defects?

Speakers:  Emy Heguiaphal et Charlotte Anneraud

Partner: Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

  • Rosés from resistant varieties

Speaker: Nathalie Pouzalgues

Partner: Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

  • Climate change: diversify your vineyard with drought-tolerant foreign varieties

Speakers: Régis Cailleau et Christophe Séréno

Partner: Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

  • Panorama des Vins Rosés du Monde: Vinalies Mondial du Rosé medals         

Speaker: Nathalie Pouzalgues – Centre du Rosé

Partner: Œnologues de France

  • NO/LOW dealcoholized wines: where and how?

Speaker: Nicolas Dutour - Laboratoires Dubernet

Partner: Œnologues de France

  • The ageing potential of Hérault wines, feedback from the departmental oenotheque

Partner : Conseil Départemental de l’Hérault

Olive sector:

  • Introduction to tasting Huiles d'olive de France and discovering the three families of flavors.

An overview of the aromatic diversity of olive oils, tips for tasting and choosing your oil.

  • Discover the uniqueness and diversity of French olive oils

French olive oil is not unique, but offers a wide variety of tastes, with variety, terroir and know-how all playing a part in the taste of olive oil. Discover a few special oils, offering original, singular tastes...

  • French PDO olive oils

A link between product and terroir - that's what PDO stands for. For olive oils, this link means special tastes and unique aromatic notes. Amateur or novice, come and discover them!

  • Discover the olive oils of the terroirs between Provence and Occitania

PDO, monovarietal, polyvarietal... taste the diversity of Midi olive oils.

  • Olive oil: what's the difference between mature and ripe olives?

Why do we speak of matured or ripe olives? Taste oils from both taste families and discover their differences...

  • Intensity, sweetness, fruitiness...

Vocabulary and experience the diversity of French olive oils!

Speaker: Alexandra Paris – France Olive


Hall B5, free of charge, booking required (subject to availability)

Registrations will open in September.

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