The Tasting area

Masterclasses and free tasting of wines, olive oils and fruit & vegetables, brought together under the same roof in Hall B5.


Wine growers and professionals from the three SITEVI sectors present these friendly and unique sessions. Designed to facilitate meetings and exchanges, the tasting area is open to amateurs, enthusiasts and experts.

The IFV (French Institute for Wine and Vine) and France Olive are once again teaming up at SITEVI to present a series of unique tasting workshop on the aromatic profiles of wines and olive oils. 

New in 2019: the Union des Oenologues de France will also run a workshop. 

New in the Tasting Forum: the Tasting Corner

For the first time, SITEVI is organising a feature dedicated to free tasting, offering you the chance to experience the diversity of wine, olive and fruit and vegetable growing regions in France and abroad. Specially conceived and designed for professionals, this feature allows visitors to freely discover wines, olive oils and fruit and vegetables that are original and/or produced using innovative techniques. 

With an oenologist in attendance throughout the show, taste a selection of French and foreign wines distinguished at the Œnologues de France wine contests. Each day will feature a different colour:

  • Tuesday 26: Whites trend
  • Wednesday 27: Reds trend
  • Thursday: Rosés trend

You can also discover:

  • A selection of wines made from innovative practices in the Burgundy-Franche Comté region, with AgrOnov
  • Wines made from resistant grape varieties from Greece and Sicily but also from Occitanie, with the IFV.
  • More than 10 references of PDO and single variety olive oils, in cooperation with France Olive
  • A range of apple varieties from the Occitanie region with Cofruid'Oc
  • A selection of wines and olive oils brought by some of SITEVI’s international producers (Argentina, USA and Mediterranean basin).

On the menu of this programme of tasting sessions accessible to both novices and seasoned amateurs: 

Vine-wine sector: 

  • The taste of resistant grape varieties
  • The future red grape varieties in the south of France?
  • Rosé blind test
  • White Rhône wine varieties and the mystery of their assemblages
  • For a handful of degrees!
  • Innovative oenology

Olive sector:

  • Introduction to tasting French Olive Oils: discovering three families of taste
  • Discovering single variety oils: singularity and diversity
  • AOP-graded French olive oil
  • Olive Oil: matured olives/ olives at ripeness: what difference?
  • "Blind test" come and test your perceptions and your sense of taste!
  • Pairings of French Olive Oils with cheeses

Hall B5, free of charge, booking required (subject to availability)

Register through the schedule of events