The nominees of the 2023 SITEVI Innovation Awards

After a 2021 SITEVI edition still marked by the Covid epidemic, this 2023 edition promises to be a very good vintage.

This is borne out by the large number of entries submitted for the SITEVI Awards, with 107 entries, an increase of 80% compared with 2021.

The jury has initially shortlisted 37 entries for nomination. After interviewing the nominees in October, the jury will draw up a list of entries to be awarded gold, silver or bronze medals.

The innovations submitted this year cover a very wide range of equipment, products and services covering all areas of viticulture, oenology, arboriculture and olive growing.

The innovations on offer reflect both the needs of producers and the changes taking place in the world of agriculture.

Despite the wide range of needs covered, it is possible to identify three major trends. Here are the nominees for each trend:

1- The first, once again this year, will focus on digital technology and its applications.
  • Egretier
    "Le Copilote": using artificial intelligence to work the soil
    Egretier - Le Copilote
  • IFV
    Les Sensorielles - Training tool for mouse taste recognition: Training kit for recognising mouse tastes in wines, designed for those involved in the industry to learn how to detect these tastes.
    IFV Les sensorielles
    AIS - 3D and A.I. sensors for spray modulation: Set of 3D cameras and processing integrating artificial intelligence to modulate foliar fertiliser and spraying doses in orchards.
    KUBOTA - AIs
  • Netafim
    GrowSphere™ - Irrigation monitoring and control interface: Optimised irrigation and fertigation monitoring and control interface.
    NETAFIM - Growsphere
    INTELLIFLOW - Management of oil flow distribution between implements: Hydraulic system for high-clearance tractors that intelligently manages hydraulic distribution to all implements connected to the tractor.
    New holland - Intelliflow
  • Optima Concept
    Option AFS - Automatic foliage detection: A system that detects the presence of vegetation in front of the nozzle in real time, allowing the nozzle to spray. The system manages the opening and closing of the nozzles according to the bodies detected by the ultrasonic sensors.
    Optima Concept - Option AFS
  • Pellenc
    RX-20 - Wine-growing robot:
    inter-row wine-growing robot capable of working without human supervision thanks to a geofencing process (virtual barrier).
  • Sabi Agri
    L'Accord Robotique - Electric vineyard tractor and robot duo: A combination of an electric tractor and a robot working together, with the tractor driver able to supervise the robot.
    SABI AGRI - L'accord robotique
  • Studio Nyx
    Ampelos - Training tool for vine pruning: Training service for learning how to prune vines using digital simulation of the results of virtual pruning operations.
    Studio Nyx AMPELOS
  • Agriculteur d'aujourd'hui
    Dans les bottes - Communication and organisation tool for wine tourism activities: Computer application designed to increase dialogue between farmers and the general public. Winegrowers who are already heavily involved in agritourism will find this application to be a valuable communication and organisation tool, as well as an invaluable aid in developing their sales and tourism activities.
    Thierry Agriculteur d'Aujourd'hui - dans les bottes
  • Vitibot
    Automatic mapping of vine rows using electric interceps
    Vitibot - Cartographie
  • Winegrid
    WINEGRID - Sparkling wine monitoring system: Remote, real-time sparkling wine monitoring solution.
2- The second trend is to improve productivity, while ensuring driving assistance, comfort and, above all, safety.
  • Berthoud
    X'Pulse - Blowing away plant debris on sprayers: A system for blowing away plant debris (leaves, flower caps, etc.) that may accumulate on the grids of the panel collection trays during spraying.
  • BM Emballage
    BM GΩ - Automatic grafting machine: Automatic grafting machine for vine plants, ensuring the safety of operators with regard to sharp parts.
  • Boisselet
    ACOLYTE III - Straddle tool carrier: Straddle tool carrier with a ground-level monitoring system that reduces the need for driver supervision.
  • Cefinox
    Cirrus - Vacuum transfer system: Vacuum transfer system for liquid and/or solid products used for grapes and pomace.
  • Ferrand
    Intercep para-pivot - Intercep with double retraction system: Intercep with retraction on a parallelogram combined with safety on a pivot, which offers additional safety to prevent breaking the vines, even in vines that are not planted perfectly straight.
    FERRAND - Intercep para pivot
  • SITEVI 2023
    DYNA WINE® - Helical vortex: Helical vortex coupled with a dissolved gas management system for good homogenisation of adjuvants used in oenology.
  • Mage Application
    SAM35-SAM45 - Anti-mutilation electric pruning shears: Anti-mutilation electric pruning shears that work by means of a wristband attached to the free hand's dong, creating a protective zone around the hand in which the shears are neutralised.
    Comfort Ride™ - Suspended cab for vineyard tractors: Suspended cab designed to equip narrow vineyard tractors, consisting of a combination of different types of shock absorbers (mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic) with no impact on the overall width of the tractor.
  • Nicolas Sprayers
    Azimut - Cut-off of spraying at the end of the row: automatic cut-off of spraying during half turns of the sprayers based on the angle between the direction of the rows and the direction of movement of the sprayer.
    Berthoud AZIMUT
  • Pellenc
    AIR 3 - Pneumatic conveyor: Pneumatic conveyor system for harvesting olives and almonds in fruit hedges

SECURION - Safety cabinet for lithium batteries: Safety cabinet for recharging lithium batteries and protecting against potential fires caused by these batteries.

Pellenc - Securion
  • T2P
    TSV - Vacuum transfer system: Vacuum transfer system for wine, must or fresh grapes that eliminates the need for traditional pumping operations that force the product to pass through the pump body.
    T2P - TSV
  • Vignetinox
    PALO INFINITY CON PINNA - Anchor posts: A system of posts with end-of-row fins enabling rows of vines to be installed without the need for anchoring systems (anchors, ropes, tie rods).
    Vignetinox Palo infinity pinna
3- The last trend, which is becoming increasingly important, concerns the reduction of the environmental footprint of agricultural activities, and in particular the decarbonisation of agriculture.
  • Amorim
    NATURITY - Treatment of corks against TCAs: Treatment of natural corks by thermal desorption, which eliminates cork tastes caused by TCAs.
    AMORIM - Naturity
  • Bacchustorm
    Pulsed-light container decontamination system: Pulsed-light decontamination system for wine barrels, casks and vats. The system works without chemicals, sulphur or mercury.
  • Bucher Vaslin
    FLAVY X-Treme - X-Treme 3 in 1: Multi-purpose filter for filtering wine, lees and peat without modification by the operator.
    BUCHER VASLIN FLavy X  treme
  • Exxact robotics
    TRAXX Concept H2 - Hydrogen fuel cell vineyard robot: Electric vineyard robot incorporating a hydrogen fuel cell for greater energy autonomy.
  • Guttler
    GreenManager - Winegrower seed drill: Modular tool for managing plant cover in vineyard inter-rnags (sclpage, direct sowing, destruction of cover).
  • Hydrokit Vensys
    Electrification VITI - Electrification kit: Kit for transforming winegrowing tools (e.g. croppers) into electric tools compatible with electric tractors and/or robots.
    HYDROKIT - Electrification VITI
  • Modico
    LSINC Perivallo360m - UV bottle printing: A system that decorates the entire bottle, from neck to base, using UV printing technology. Bottle recycling is made easier by the fact that the ink used for this UV printing burns without leaving any residue.
  • Netafim
    PULSAR™ + STRIPNET™ X - Frost protection nozzle: Frost protection nozzle that operates intermittently to concentrate the flow of water on the row and reduce water consumption.
    NETAFIM - Pulsar stripnet
  • Pellenc
    E-Sprayer - Electric micro-turbines for spraying: Spraying using electric micro-turbines that allow you to vary the product dose and air flow rate simply and easily.
  • Ramondin
    E-CAP - Completely recyclable cap: The plastic-free cap is completely recyclable, replacing the standard complex aluminium cap.
    Ramondin - Ecap
  • Siprem
    Exploitation of fermentation gases during grape pressing: Process for recovering the carbon dioxide that escapes from vats during alcoholic fermentation for use in the pressing inerting process, replacing carbon dioxide of fossil origin.
  • Syngenta
    Exployo vit - Sexual confusion against Eudemis: Liquid sprayable sexual confusion product to protect vineyards against Eudemis. It consists of an emulsion of microcapsules containing pheromone molecules. On application, each microcapsule acts like a microdiffuser, gradually releasing the pheromone.
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