The jury of the SITEVI Innovation Awards 2023

The jury is made up of the best French and international specialists to ensure an in-depth study of each application and to guarantee expertise in all the markets and sectors present at SITEVI.

More than 20 members, including scientific directors, research managers, engineers, professors and regular users of equipment, combine their expertise to produce a unique list of winners!
For the analysis of each file, the members of the jury also call on technical experts from their network. In total, around one hundred specialists contribute their opinions to the list of winners.
Thanks to these experts, the SITEVI Innovation Awards are a benchmark in the market for equipment and know-how for vine/wine, olive and fruit/vegetable production.

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  President of the jury


Christophe Riou portrait
Christophe RIOU

Director General of the Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV)

Christophe Riou has also been the national delegate for the
5years as the national delegate for the vineyard decline plan

Technology advisors


Photo de Jean-Michel Desseigne

IFV (French Vine and Wine Institute)

Engineer, head of the Wine Equipment and Processes sector

Photo de Gilbert GRENIER

Ex Bordeaux Sciences agro

Professor of automation and equipment engineering, expert in precision agriculture Author of the reference book "Precision agriculture. New technologies for ecologically intensive agriculture".

Members of the jury


Photo de Yann Bintein

Research, Innovation and Expertise Division - Fruits program deputy

Ctifl (Technical joint trade Centre for Fruit and Vegetables)

Photo de Paul Cammal

Independent consultant, Fruit & Vegetable sector expert

Former Director of the Creman (agricultural machinery research and experimentation center)

Photo de Eugenio Cavallo

Senior Research Fellow, Institute for Agricultural and Earth-Moving Machines (IMAMOTER – CNR)

Expert in reduction of the environmental impact of agriculture through improvement of sustainable management practices, soil protection, alternative organic fertilizer and application of new technologies.

Pierre Compère Agri Sud Ouest Innovation portrait
Pierre Compère

AgriTech expert consultant, cabinet Explicite

As an agricultural engineer, Pierre has been supporting innovative entrepreneurs in the agri/agro sector for several years, providing them with his expertise and his network..

Laurent David La Wine Tech portrait
Laurent David

La Wine Tech

Laurent DAVID is a "neo-vigneron" who acquired in 2019 a Saint-Emilion grand cru, Château Edmus, in 2019. Originally from Bergerac and the son of shopkeepers, he left one of the world's largest companies to return to his roots and fulfil his childhood dream of "making wine". Winegrowing is a complex profession that requires mastery of the vineyard, the cellar and also sales. He therefore surrounded himself with a team of around thirty people from various professions: winegrowers, accountants, investors, etc.

Laurent de Buyer portrait
Laurent de Buyer


At the same time, he has been involved in the union for more than
10years as President of the Economic Commission, President of the Livestock and Crop Protection Product Market Group and the union's representative at CETIM.

Photo de Pierre-Henri Dubuis
Pierre-Henri DUBUIS

Phytopathologist – The Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research (DEFR)

Agroscope, row crop and vine protection research department. Science Fellow in epidemiology of grapevine diseases, disease models and decision support systems. Expert in control strategies, application techniques, evaluation of the efficacy and side effects of fungicides for grapevine.

Emilie & Benjamin Vitibio image
Emilie et Benjamin

La VitiBio d’Emilie et Benjamin

Winegrowers and youtubers. We have been winegrowers in the Herault region of France in the commune of Montady since 2012. We are passionate about our profession which is rich in experience and innovation. We like to discover new technologies that will allow us to be more efficient in our daily life.

Portrait Emmanuel Fourteau
Emmanuelle Fourteau

Director of the Oenologists of France

Nassim Hamiti portrait
Nassim Hamiti


I have acquired expertise in this field for just over
14years in contact with manufacturers, advisors, farmers/cuma, researchers etc. I have already participated in the analysis of the SIMA and SITEVI jury files. In my current missions at the FNCUMA, I am in charge of - Leading the community of agri-equipment advisors in the network - Providing answers to the network on technical, economic and regulatory issues relating to agri-equipment - Training and contributing to the development of the skills of the advisors who support the Cuma - Producing technical and economic references on agri-equipment and disseminating them

Photo de Florentino JUSTE
Florentino JUSTE

Professor of Research– Dto Ingenieria Rural y Alimentaria, University of Valencia

Former Director of the IVIA (Agricultural Research Institute of Valencia). Former president of EurAgEng (the European Society of Agricultural Engineering).

Guillaume Le Gonidec portrait
Guillaume Le Gonidec


In charge of Agricultural and Environmental Works. An expert in agricultural machinery, Guillaume Le Gonidec worked for ten years in the specialised media as a journalist before taking charge of agricultural and environmental activities within the FNEDT. In this capacity, he represents agricultural machinery companies in dealings with the industry and the government, monitors technological developments, and popularises the main regulatory changes among its members.

Photo de Valérie LEMPEREUR

Deputy Director for scientific and technical programs at IFV

Engineer oenologist, expert in the optimization of the vinification, the oenological inputs, the sanitary quality of wines, the valorization of the by-products and agroecology. IFV (French Vine and Wine Institute)

Photo de Jean-Luc Peres
Jean-Luc PERES

Agricultural machinery expert, consultant, 25 years of experience in agro-equipment

UTAC - OTC Pulvés

Portrait David Rullier
David Rullier

Head of the Viti Commission of the SEDIMA

Groupe Rullier

James Taylor portrait

Precision vine-growing world renowned specialist

Senior Research Fellow, Precision Agriculture, Irstea (National Institute for Environmental and Agricultural Science and Research). Project monitoring experience in Australia, United-Kingdom, China, United States, Vietnam and France.

Photo de Balkis Vicaire


VINSEO (cluster, Occitanie vine-wine suppliers)

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