Palmarès SITEVI Innovation Awards

SITEVI Innovation Awards 2015

The 2015 awards include: Two Gold Medals, Five Silver Medals and Eleven Special Mentions.

The quality of the innovations presented by exhibitors once again confirms SITEVI’s position as the number one exhibition for the vine/wine, olive and fruit & vegetable sectors. Indeed this position has been based for many years on the capacity of manufacturers from different continents to produce new increasingly innovative working tools designed in response to all of the problems encountered by professionals from the three sectors.

Of the 60 applications submitted this year, the panel has selected 18 products.


Three key trends stand out in these awards:

  1. The first is operator health and safety, in particular concerning treatment products and mechanical risk. It is a question, first, of ensuring their protection from aerosols in the cab as well as when mixing preparations, when attaching tools and during work entailing a risk of musculo-skeletal problems.
  2. The second key trend of this SITEVI is a reappraisal of the design of the machines, products and processes already approved, as well as that organization of work with the ever-present assistance of information and communication technologies. This approach concerns the operating principles of the equipment, its overall design and even the manner of sale and organization of its use, individually or collectively.
  3. Finally, product quality and adaption to market change constitute the third trend at this SITEVI 2015.


SITEVI Innovation Awards 2015



Continuous pressing system

Product trade name: QC 620 - Booth A1 E 007

This continuous pressing system comprises a vibrating strainer, a special high pressure peristaltic pump and a horizontal hydraulic press. The system allows for integrated automatic complete unloading of the product and washing. The line QC 620 pressing technique combines the advantages of continuous screw presses (fermented marc feed, pressing flow rate, selective collection of juices, evacuation of the marc) without their disadvantages (laceration of the marc by moving mechanical parts).

Pressure is maintained in the pressing chamber by the combined action of the peristaltic feed pump and the hydraulic system, without direct mechanical action on the product or alteration of the skin of the fermented marc. Continuous pressing is modulated in accordance with the characteristics of the harvested grapes and objectives for the press wines.

The flow rate and pressure parameters are automatically managed by the control of various components (peristaltic pump, piston, discharge door). The solutions for pressing cycles are infinite for optimization of the quality of the juices. You could call it continuous precision pressing (the right pressure and the right flow rate at the right time and on the right grape harvest). With flow rates ranging from 15 T/h (difficult pressing) to 45 T/h (very easy pressing), the system ensures the production of quality red  press wines at least equivalent to those from pneumatic or conventional vertical hydraulic presses.

Contact : Philippe DU LAC - Tel: +33(0)6 82 85 94 65 Email: [email protected]

DIEMME ENOLOGIA - Via bedazzo 19 - 48022 Lugo - Italie



Category 4 Cab Filtration System 

Product Trade Name: New Holland Blue cab 4 - Booth  B2 A 001

New Holland’s Blue Cab 4 is an innovative cab concept incorporating not just one but two types of filtration (Categories 2 and 4) in a single system. Selection is made by a single valve, depending on the need to use spraying equipment. Blue Cab 4 is also user friendly, easy to maintain and is equipped with a unique air purge system on filtration startup.

In addition to the command and user information interface, the complete servoing of fresh air pressure and flow rate from the overpressure fan removes the need for user setting. Blue Cab 4 is available, with different technical specifications but identical functionalities and performance, on New Holland multipurpose harvesting machines and New Holland tractors T4F/N/V (available during 2016).

To complete the regulatory validation carried out in the laboratory jointly with Irstea, a validation in real conditions with over 300 hours of field tests was performed subjecting the cab to various conditions in the field and over 25 active substances. The sustainability tests of the filtration system and its performance in the fields ensured the development and validation of Blue Cab 4, in response to users’ direct expectations.

Blue Cab 4 incorporates unique and pragmatic solutions, placing user protection at the centre of the system and does not limit itself simply to the application of Standard EN 15695. This filtration system therefore goes beyond regulatory requirements and becomes intelligent to better facilitating its use.

Contact : Elodie ROUSSEAU - Tel: +33(0)6 73 21 24 56 Email: [email protected]

NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE - 16/18, rue des Rochettes - 91150 Morigny-Champigny - France




Bottle traceability and securing solution 

Product Trade Name: ID Pack Line - Booth A3 A 005

Developed by Advanced Track & Trace®, the ID Pack Line® solution makes it possible, without modifying the process in place, to manage the traceability of bottles from the producer to the consumer. The ID Pack Line® software (available for PC and tablet) identifies each bottle unitarily, matches it to its case and pallet, and facilitates stock monitoring, as well as order preparation and shipment monitoring. This optimized follow-up highlights and remedies any failings in the supply chain thus reducing risks related with illegal markets (parallel markets, theft, etc.). The software is based on a security block printed on the back label of bottles or affixed by means of a sticker. This block combines a serial number and design elements specific to each bottle (guilloche, mark, etc.) for identification, a QR code for traceability and a patented copy sensitive Seal Vector® code to ensure the authenticity of the bottle. Consumers can scan the QR code to access unitary information for the bottle: unique number, variable design elements and information on the producer to be sure of the origin of their bottle. The optional addition of an NFC chip acting as a seal in the capsule allows consumers to use their smartphones to ensure that their bottle has not been opened. All field information (professionals and consumers) are centralized in a dashboard destined for the producer, making it possible to monitor bottle reading in real time as well as their geographic location.

Contact : Florian POIDEVIN - Tel: +33(0)1 47 16 64 72 Email: [email protected]

ADVANCED TRACK & TRACE – 99, avenue de la Chataigneraie - 92500 Rueil-Malmaison - France



180° pivoting tool-carrier for quick connection of tools between wheels on 4-wheel high clearance tractors

Product Trade Name: Porte-Outils Click-Tools - Booth B1 B 037

The connection of tools under high clearance tractors is a tricky task that is physically demanding and involves operator risk, as well as being the cause of musculo-skeletal problems and operator injury due to getting caught in the mechanism. The range of equipment, need for productivity, etc. mean multiple tools need to be used with frequent runs. This entails repeated assembly and disassembly procedures of heavy, cumbersome tools in limited space with tiresome connection systems. The innovation is a 180° pivoting tool carrier allowing quick and easy accessory connection between the wheels (non-reversible ploughs, disks, mowers, harrows, treatment tanks, etc.) called CLICK-TOOLS (patented system) that is adaptable for any four-wheel high clearance tractor. The tool carrier comprises a pivoting arm at the front of the frame, with a vertical axis to follow an external lateral trajectory to position it at the front of the tractor for connection purposes. The operator lifts the tool carrier hydraulically, unlocks it and pivots it 180° at the front of the tractor. He then lowers the tool-carrier hydraulically and the whole bar is disconnected. He moves the tractor towards the other tools to be attached and carries out the operation in reverse. In five minutes, without effort and without manual tools, without the risk of injury, without getting into the tractor, the tool is changed as on an agricultural tractor. The settings are retained on each bar and productivity is the order of the day.

Contact : René GROSJEAN - Tel: +33(0)3 85 36 98 36 Email: [email protected]

GRV - Lieu-dit Saint Pierre de Lanques - 71260 Peronne – France



NomaSense PolyScan B200

Product Trade Name: NomaSense PolyScan B200 - Booth A2 A 034

Polyphenol analysis in grapes, must and wine is complex. It calls for methods that are generally restricted to research units or cellars with considerable financial and human resources. Electrochemistry has long been considered a valuable means of measuring polyphenols, but its use as a routine procedure could not be developed in particular due to the need for thorough cleaning of the electrodes between each measurement. The NomaSense PolyScan B200 operates with disposable electrodes, which prevents any fouling of the electrodes and guarantees analyses without delay. This analyzer therefore makes measurement of polyphenols directly in the wine warehouse accessible to all wineries. The NomaSense PolyScan B200 comprises a portable potentiostat and miniature disposable electrodes. The electrodes are inserted into the potentiostat and the samples to be analyzed are directly placed on the electrodes without filtration or prior centrifugation. After measurement, the results are supplied in the form of indices, indicating, in particular, the  easily oxidisable polyphenol and total polyphenol content in less than three minutes via a calculation interface accessible on the Internet. Wine producers can use this system, for example, to characterize the phenolic profile of different varieties or to monitor the evolution of the phenolic composition of a must during pressing or delicate oxygenation procedures. Better adaptation of techniques depending on the composition of the grape, must or wine analyzed is therefore possible.

Contact : Amélie BLUMA - Tel: +33(0)4 72 07 31 94 Email: [email protected]

NOMACORC - ZI Les Plenesses - Chemin de Xhénorie – 74890 Thimister-Clermont - France



Vinion & Prunion electronic secateurs

Product Trade Name: Sécateurs électroniques Vinion et Prunion - Booths B2 A 002 / B5 B 046

The Vinion & Prunion electronic secateurs have been completely redesigned and the innovations relating to the management of 1/2 opening of the cutting head thanks to an optical sensor, the opening of the guard without the need for tools, the remote cooling of the geared motor, battery/secateur communication, sealing piston, screw/nut system and blade setting and removal without the need for tools are the subject of seven different patents. The result is that these devices perform better, are more ergonomic, very easy to use and consume less energy than other devices on the market. Refined power management has enabled a new approach to pruning: for pruning vines or small trees, the small sized ULIB 150 battery worn at the waist is sufficient for a day’s work. This frees the operator from the need to carry the batter pack on his back. For pruning larger trees, the ULIB 250 battery alternately powers a secateur or M12 chainsaw. Inactivation of one tool enables use of the other, but both tools remain within reach and operational at all times. The ergonomics of these secateurs was studied with a view to saving time and simplifying the settings (very intuitive shift from 1/2 to full opening thanks to the optical control electrode, adjustment of the 1/2 opening value, tool-free blade removal, etc.). The improved performance and addition of well thought-out functions was the result of a total re-design of these secateurs, which also made possible a 30-40% reduction in the sale price (price quoted of €800 compared with €1,300 for competing products).

Contact : Anaïs PADILLA  - Tel: +33(0)4 90 09 45 61 Email: [email protected]

PELLENC - Quartier Notre Dame - Route de Cavaillon - BP 47 – 84122 - Pertuis Cedex - France



Multifunction equipment for thermal treatment of grapes harvested, musts and wines

Product Trade Name: Green Cryo - Booth A1 D 042

Green Cryo is a multifunction cooling unit equally capable of processing the harvested grapes, musts and wines, as well as water for feeding to a secondary circuit (cold water/glycolated water). It is the only multifunction tool on the market today that is capable of processing loaded fluids and liquids at the same time. Green Cryo can produce cold only or heat and cold, or heat only. It is portable and suitable for “small” producers. Its originality lies, in particular, in the design of an evaporator: a (conventional) co-axial “tube in tube in tube” type exchanger comprising three concentric tubes: the inner tube for cooling loaded fluids (grape harvest or must), a second annular space for circulating refrigerant gas (direct expansion cooling); and, finally, a third annular space for liquid cooling (wine, glycolated or non-glycolated water). The whole system, therefore, can simultaneously cool liquids and the grape harvest (a fast growing production technique in white, rose and even in red wines due to climatic changes) with a performance coefficient greater than six. By way of comparison, a “conventional” installation requires a “Tube in Tube” type exchanger to cool the grapes harvested and, in addition, a multitubular exchanger, for example, to cool the musts, all fed by a refrigerated/glycolated water unit. Another original element is the use of a pure gas, which will be the basis of future clean gases currently under development for after 2022. The R134a type refrigerant fluid used complies with current and future regulations. These are constantly changing (banning of R22 in 2015, other requirements in 2020 and 2025). Green Cryo is protected by a PERA-PELLENC patent.

Contact : Stéphane COTTENCEAU - Tel: +33(0)4 67 77 01 21 Email: [email protected]

PERA - Route d'Agde - 34510 Florensac - France





Product Trade Name: TGF 10900 PROTECTOR 100 - Booth B4 A 016

TGF 10900 is a special 100 CV tractor with very compact dimensions. Its compact size enables it to move easily under the branches of fruit trees or in vineyards. This tractor offers a high level of driver comfort and a high degree of protection against aerosols and chemical fumes. The Cab Protector 100 (height: 1,740 cm) is approved and certified Category 4. The ventilation system is equipped with a filtration system and electronic command pressurization. This electronic command system keeps pressure constant by varying the speed of air conditioning ventilators. This system can trigger alerts in the event of a lack of pressurization while in operation or in the event of the need to replace the carbon filter and it ensures the cabin ventilation system is functioning. This ensures protection from the inhalation of harmful substances. This product is the manufacturer’s answer to a health and safety problem: even small-sized tractors can have a category 4 approved cab. It also meets regulations on the application of crop protection products in the case of low clearance heights (such as netted 

Contact : Chiara ROMANELLO - Tel: +39(0)4 99 21 98 92 Email: [email protected]

ANTONIO CARRARO – Via Caltana 24 – 35011 Campodarsego - Italie



Simplified incorporation of solid crop protection products in a sprayer

Product Trade Name: Bsafe POWDER - Booth B1 B 038

The Bsafe POWDER system allows the introduction of products in powder and micro-granule form in the sprayer tank without the wine-grower coming into contact with the contaminated tank. The products are drawn up directly from their original container and as these products are often very volatile, the system limits dust emission as well as contamination of the operator and his environment. The system comprises four distinct parts. A suction venturi is used to create the significant drop in pressure necessary for drawing the products up. A pre-mixer mixes the product drawn up with part of the water from the pump before it enters the venturi to optimize homogenization of the mixture in the in the tank. A transfer pipe with smooth, non-stick walls links the mixer to a suction tube equipped with a suction nozzle at the end depending on the type of container. Bsafe POWDER is unique and significantly reduces the difficulties associated with handling containers of powders or granules. The compactness of the core of the process and its modularity mean it can be integrated in a small space and therefore present on a multitude of 

Contact : Alexandre CARTIER - Tel: +33(0)4 74 06 50 15 Email: [email protected]

BERTHOUD – 1, rue de l'Industrie - 69220 Belleville-France



“Shared” Electronic MINIGRAM Operation 

Product trade name: “Shared” Electronics - Booth A6 A 028

The originality of the concept lies in the dissociation, on the MINIGRAM calibration unit (electronic sizer with its associated feed conveyor), of the mechanical base from the electronic part. This disassociation enables the manufacturer to offer an innovative “sharing” service of the electronic part (interchangeable box) between pairs of producers with complementary fruit seasons. The combination of these two points have produced an entirely new system of acquiring and operating the MINIGRAM calibration unit: the mechanical base (fixed structure), is sold through the conventional sale, the producer is its owner. The mechanical part of the calibration unit, by means of regular maintenance, has a long service life; the electronics (transferable part) is “shared” subject to payment of annual fees. In return for annual fees paid for the “shared” electronic part, the producer, during his fruit season, has access to the calibration and management functions of his machine. CALIBREX provides a comprehensive service for each producer of the pair, comprising a guarantee throughout the entire service life of the machine and protection from components becoming obsolete. This means that the electronic calibration unit becomes sustainable, the equipment is easily transferrable, since when the time comes, either of the producers of the pair can sell his mechanical base and the second-hand purchaser then becomes a member of the new pair by purchasing this part.

Contact : Chantal DURAND - Tel: +33(0)4 90 71 36 33 Email: [email protected]

CALIBREX - 291 Route d'Avignon - BP 137 - 84304 Cavaillon Cedex – France



Thermovinification skid 

Product Trade Name: Thermovinification skid  - Booth A3 B 029

The thermovinification skid makes simultaneous production of heat and cold possible. It makes it possible to heat and cool the grape harvest while recovering the energy to cool or heat another liquid. The temperature of the hot water produced can reach 90°C (compared with 40 to 45°C for a conventional heat pump), making it possible to heat the harvested grapes from 65°C to 80°C and carry out thermovinification or hot pre-fermentary maceration. This hot water is also available for other uses such as thermoregulation, malolactic fermentation, washing process equipment or heating storage areas. This system reduces energy costs as it uses no fuel to heat the grapes harvested. This saving is of the order of 20%-30% compared to a conventional solution such as a fuel oil boiler associated with a refrigeration unit. As regards its environmental performance, this system uses so-called natural refrigeration fluids (CO2) that have a reduced impact on the environment  (approximately 70% less than a conventional solution) and are not subject to F-Gas regulations.

Contact : Marion CADET - Tel: +33(0)6 85 23 63 56 Email: [email protected]

CLAUGER  - 7, rue de l'industrie - 69530 Brignais - France



Automatic device for precise oaking and blending of wines

Product Trade Name: SMART OAK - Booth A2 B 005

The SMART OAK 2015 automates the oaking process of wines, currently controlled by tasting. The originality of the product lies in monitoring the oaking of the wine by sensor, in accordance with predetermined levels, and it comprises a double innovation:

- Instead of having to put bags of wood flakes in the tank of wine to be treated, a small purpose built tank filled with flakes is fed from the tank of wine to be oaked.

- To monitor the diffusion of the oak substances, the tool is equipped with an original sensor using electric impedance spectroscopy. Until now, it was the absorbance in UV that was primarily used to monitor diffusion phenomena and the introduction of electric impedance spectroscopy to monitor the extraction of natural substance is a first.

The availability of SMART OAK in wine warehouses where oaking is practiced makes carrying out the operation far less restrictive and gives a more reliable result. Different handling operations are carried out with greater safety and ease by personnel. The data collected by the electric impedance sensor facilitates decision making by the wine warehouse manager.

Contact : Philippe PASSANI - Tel: +33(0)6 28 04 59 95 Email: [email protected]

INOZY - 361, rue Jean-François Breton - BP 5095 - 34196 Montpellier Cedex 5 - France



Exclusive clarification agent derived from potato protein for fining musts and white, rosé and red wines

Product Trade Name: VEGECOLL® - Booth A1 B 078

VEGECOLL® is an extract of potato proteins, specially selected for their clarification properties. Their high native protein content and very high Zêta potential make them one of the most reactive proteins in winemaking. Being of vegetable origin and non allergenic, this product meets the needs of wine producers to clarify without using an animal or allergenic protein. VEGECOLL® is used for musts (particularly in flotation with a very short settling time and elimination of oxidized or oxidizable phenolic compounds), for white, rosé and red wines (high clarification capacity, rapid sedimentation speed, stabilization of colouring matter and elimination of astringent tannins from red wines). VEGECOLL® is a purified extract and also presents a distribution of molecular masses close to egg albumen or gelatine, which makes interaction possible with polyphenols similar to conventional fining agents. VEGECOLL® is an excellent alternative to conventional clarification and fining products, while being non allergenic, of vegetable origin and very versatile.   It can be used in numerous applications: fining juices and musts (flotation, settling or fermentation) fining white, rosé or red wines.

Contact : Anne SCHAEFFER - Tel: +33(0)5 56 86 53 04 Email: [email protected]

LAFFORT - CS 61 611 - 33072 Bordeaux Cedex 15 - France



Telematics applied to vineyards

Product Trade Name: New Holland PLM Connect - Booth B2 A 001

PLM Connect is a telematic solution that provides the connection, on one hand, between winegrowing machines (and the specific sensors relating to the grape harvest that they incorporate: level in the grape harvest bin, weight of grape harvest, anthocyanin rate, etc.) and, on the other, operation management (entrepreneur, CUMA manager, etc.). This system provides the manager with remote access in real time to operating information for the grape harvest site. He can then make pertinent decisions concerning his entire fleet of mobilized machines, as well as the associated manpower depending on quantitative objectives (volume of grape harvest, site flow rate, etc.) and qualitative and economic parameters. The system facilitates and structures the collection of data relating to each plot thanks to transfer to the machines by the manager of a site classification (Customer/Farm/ Plot). Driver safety is also taken into account by the creation of simplified message flows between driver terminals and managers to ensure simple communicate and minimum distraction of drivers. The (comprehensive) “professional” version of PLM Connect can be used on the brand’s harvesting machines and tractors for use in viticulture and arboriculture. The “essential” version can be used on other brand of winegrowing machines.

Contact : Elodie ROUSSEAU - Tel: +33(0)6 73 21 24 56 Email: [email protected]

NEW HOLLAND AGRICULTURE - 16/18, rue des Rochettes - 91150 Morigny-Champigny - France



Vine Planter NR 120

Product Trade Name: Planter NR 120 - Booth EXT B5 001

The new vine planter NR 120, by NR INOV CONCEPT, is attached ventrally to the tractor in addition to a plant and stake storage platform within the reach of the tractor operator and a watering device fed by a tank, towed or carried on the coupling, as well as a dosing pump. A single operator is sufficient to carry out planting (hole and loosening of the soil, placement of the plant with long roots or pots and stake + watering), in a single procedure from his operating seat in the tractor. This new configuration also fulfils winegrowers’ increasing need to carry out plantation work in optimum conditions and without excessive manpower costs. Between 400 to  800 plants a day can now be planted by one man alone.

It is worthy of note that from the economic and environmental perspectives, this type of planting maintains the production potential of the vines while compensating for the death of individual plants and limiting the ageing of vineyards and the spreading of disease (Eutipiose, Esca, black dead arm) by uprooting diseased and dead trunks and reducing the use of chemical products to treat wood diseases or even to in the event of prohibition of their use (e.g.: Sodium arsenite).

Contact : Nicolas ROGIER - Tel: +33(0)6 34 71 16 34 Email: [email protected]

NR INOV CONCEPT – 630, La Draille des cailloux – 84450 Jonquerettes – France



DNA chips for detecting grapevine trunk disease pathogens

Product Trade Name: MYCORRAY - Booth A4 B 025

Mycorray applies DNA chip technology to the rapid detection of infectious agents mainly associated with Esca. This product is of considerable value for the prophylaxis required when selling vine plants, although the updating of this tool will not be sufficient to control this disease. This molecular diagnostic tool can identify 12 species of pathogenic fungi associated with Esca (vine wood diseases) and Agrobacterium vitis responsible for crown gall. Each fungus can be identified using more than three associated genes to reinforce specificity. All of these DNA sequences are relayed to probes placed some side by side on the same DNA chip (Microarray chip) placed in the bottom of a tube to enable hybridation of the DNA on the probes. This chip has approximately 160 targets as all molecular reactions are repeated twice (“Duplica”). Finally, another innovative feature of this tool, the result of the analysis is made accessible to a non specialists in molecular biology thanks to the camera that reads the DNA chip and interprets the result using the Android application linked to this camera.

Mycorray is the result of a project subsidized by the 7th European Community Research and Development Framework Programme.

 Contact : Olivier ZEKRI - Tel: +33(0)6 32 03 41 34 Email: [email protected]

PEPINIERES MERCIER – 16, rue de la Chaignée - 85770 Vix – France



Continuous circulation with pneumatic non-drip for vine growing spray boom 

Product Trade Name: Circulation continue AGP - Booth B3 A 070

The spray system with permanent pneumatic non-drip continuous circulation improves the performance of the sprayer and quality of the application in viticulture and arboriculture. The system primes your sprayer without spraying. From the first turns of the wheel, the dosage of the mixture is already correct. This prevents having to spray when at a standstill and waiting for the concentrated mixture to come out of the nozzles. In addition, the permanent circulation principle clearly reduces risks of clogging. In fact, as there are no closed-ended pipes, there are no blockages in the circuit. There is very little risk of contaminants blocking the diffusers, it is also possible to circulate the mixture during transportation, which prevents depositing in the pipes during this period. Finally, the pneumatic command produces very responsive opening and closure of the nozzles as well as individual or section control. As a result, the quality and precision in cutting off sections are markedly improved as compared to equipment currently on the market. The system can be assembled with “constant pressure” or “automatic speed-adjusted proportional spray system” regulation. Regulation to manage pressure and therefore flow rate through the diffusers, the principle of permanent return makes it possible to maintain precise regulation without additional constraints for the user.

Contact : Jérôme MESTRUDE - Tel: +33(0)6 12 99 07 12 Email: [email protected]

TECNOMA – 54, rue Marcel Paul - BP 195 - 51200 Épernay – France



Fluorescent glass

Product Trade Name: Le verre fluorescent - Booths A3 B 018 / A3 C 023

All brands seek visibility: on the shelves or in the places where they are consumed, they seek to out-do each other with colour to attract consumers’ attention. This is particularly true of brands of alcohol sold in night clubs, which seek to attract an often young public that is sensitive to packaging. The solutions that existed to date (luminescent ink, fluorescent sleeves and labels, LEDs integrated into accessories such as ice-buckets or shelving, etc.) only produced partial fluorescence, in addition to often being difficult to implement and costly. The fluorescent glass developed by Verallia and VOA is a spectacular innovation in glass packaging. The bottles are completely transparent in daylight but turn fluorescent blue under the effect of black light. This innovation was devised for bottling wine, white spirits and resolutely trendy water. While significantly increasing their value, it enables 

Contact : Martine PAIN - Tel: +33(0)1 48 78 21 20 Email: [email protected]

VERALLIA/VOA – 18, avenue d'Alsace - 92096 La Défense - France



Guillaume COINTEREAU: +33 1 76 77 15 49 - [email protected]

Gilbert GRENIER: +33 5 57 35 07 74 - [email protected]