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2021 SITEVI Innovation Awards nominees

For this 2021 edition of SITEVI, the judges selected 31 products nominated among 58 entries from exhibitors. 

3 main trends emerge from these awards : 

  • The digital technology and its applications
  • The optimisation of cropping operations and processes
  • Le besoin de différentiation commerciale, d'innovation produit et d'eco-conception

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Discover the nominees' list sorted by trends : 

#1rst TREND : Digital tech and Data Capitalisation

Digital tech is now a firm fixture in equipment, in particular through automation functions, driver assistance, and so on. But digital is also increasingly about collecting data thanks to sensors, and then analysing this data for the purpose of more detailed land management and assistance with decision making. And in this area, the 2021 edition can observe a strong trend in terms of sharing data between devices, and decision aids for highly complex tasks.

3D Aerospace – DeVines

Onboard close-up detection services for precision viticulture

DeVines offers an all-in-one service offering the winegrower a multitude of data in one place and with ease. Solutions already exist for viticulture, but none combine meteorology, plot definition, growth management, mapping, anomaly detection and workforce management. With DeVines, 3D Aerospace provides a tool that has three advantages: practical, economical and sustainable.

DeVines - 3D Aerospace

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Aptimiz – Aptitrack

Solution for automatic monitoring of working times of people and machinery

Aptimiz is now offering its services to wine and fruit growers and is expanding its offering with the launch of Aptitrack, the first solution to automatically measure all the time spent by men and machines on a farm. Without requiring any input, the solution is based on a smartphone application or a sensor that automatically determines the activity that a user performs and measures the time spent on it.

Aptimiz - Aptitrak

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Decision aid for formulation of vine protection schedule

The new vineyard treatment assistant is the new module of the Process2Wine software suite that will enable you to design and optimise a wine estate’s treatment schedule. Exapta TACTIQUE will automatically collect data from epidemiological models, weather forecasts and use the information already present in the Process2wine software to propose the most appropriate interventions for effective vineyard protection


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IFV – Pathogen

First e-learning course on vine virus diseases

IFV creates the first e-learning course on grapevine virus diseases. The PATHOGEN training course offers an innovative approach to training on grapevine virus diseases by combining online teaching and field sessions. It is offered at three levels in order to meet the diverse profiles and expectations of wine industry professionals. The «BASIC» and «ADVANCED» levels include a description of the most widespread viruses, their modes of transmission, detection methods and possible control methods, as well as regulatory aspects.

Pathogen - IFV

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Nectar smart fermentative CO2 management

Over the last 5 years, the ADCF technology (Dynamic Analysis of Fermentative Kinetics) has demonstrated its superiority in monitoring alcoholic fermentations in real time and without taking samples. At the same time, this technology has very advantageous knock-on effects from the oenological, technological, organoleptic and sanitary points of view. It produces fresher and more aromatically intense wines by preserving the aromas in the wines.

Nectar ACDF - Parsec

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PARSEC SRL – [email protected]

IT integration solution for wineries in 4.0 mode.

It combines the functionality of traditional traceability systems with the process control environment, creating a system that combines these two aspects and, by monitoring and managing the process, automatically builds - in a detailed way - the traceability that has become indispensable today.

Quadr@ - Parsec

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CLOUD platform for supervision of equipment, remote diagnosis and vine growing and winemaking activity

PELLENC Connect is the shared CLOUD platform for customers, distributors and factories of the PELLENC Group. As a full-liner, PELLENC offers optimised monitoring of equipment and operations from the vineyard to the winery; from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC. The platform includes 3 main categories of services:

- Monitoring of equipment and operations in the VINEYARD,
- Monitoring of equipment and operations in the WINERY,
- Monitoring of PLOTS.
All the equipment in the PELLENC range will eventually be connectable, whether it is battery operated, wine-growing/harvesting or cellar equipment.


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R&D Vision - ITRIA

Machine for quality control and optical sorting of grape crates

Machine for quality control and optical sorting of grape crates thanks to an optical system based on artificial intelligence that is fully automated and can be configured by the user.
The combined use of high speed 3D imaging, multispectral imaging (visible and infrared) and artificial intelligence / deep learning technologies allows for the analysis of parameters such as physical condition (mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis), sunscald, berry size and colour, non-grape detection and fill level.

Contrôle qualité caisses raisin - R&D Vision

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Studio Nyx & E-Cab consortium – E-Cab

Agricultural machinery driving simulator for schools and companies.

E-Cab is the new virtual reality powered driver training simulator for agricultural machines aimed at schools and companies. It provides training in the operation of a harvesting machine thanks to the total immersion of the user in a realistic 3D environment. For road safety, an exercise on the road is offered using artificial intelligence, together with training in the clearance gauge on journeys between cones and a module on a grape harvest on a vineyard plot. The primary goal of E-Cab is to place effective digital and tools at the disposal of trainers and learners, in a very operational way in classrooms, training centres, third places and companies.

E-Cab - Studio Nyx

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TerraNIS & ICV Group – Oenoview

Monitoring of vineyard water status using satellite imagery

The proposed solution makes it possible to estimate and monitor the water status of the vine during the season based on the analysis of images acquired by the Sentinel-2 optical satellite. A specific model, allowing the estimation of the water status on the vine plots on each acquired image, has been developed following R&D work carried out in partnership with the ICV over several years. The solution, which is currently in the pre-operational phase, provides access to information on the water status of the vineyard on the scale of an estate and on the scale of the plot.

Oenoview - TerraNIS

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VINVENTIONS- Test de Tendance d'Evolution des vins du PolyScan

New feature of the nomasense polyscan C200, a decision support tool based on real-time measurement of polyphenols in juice, must and wine development trend test. For the first time, winemakers have a test to help them quickly assess the sensitivity of a wine to oxidation. It is a test that complements the tasting of wines in the cellar and the winemakers’ own feelings. 

Wine quality - vinventions

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#2nd TREND : Optimisation of cropping operations and processes

The optimisation of cropping operations and processes mainly aims to improve the quality of the end product. But other goals are also pursued, such as reducing working time and/or improving working conditions, operator health and safety, and reducing the use of crop protection products or doing away with them altogether. 

Bucher Vaslin – Bucher Xplus

Quick-clip pivoting drainage channel

The Bucher XPlus press has drainage elements for the drainage of juices. The innovation relates to the swivelling drainage parts which have a simple, quick and tool-free attachment system. To go further in the search for perfect hygiene and in the reduction
of the environmental impact of its equipment, Bucher Vaslin has developed an innovation on the drainage elements that allows operators to easily lift the parts to wash them and to quickly eliminate all traces of residual juice.

Bucher Xplus

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Caffini Spa - Smart Synthesis Hybrid

The proposed solution has an electrically driven fan with an electric generator (400V), linked to the tractor’s PTO and an inverter that controls the electric motor’s speed in function of the canopy density. These values are given by two or more ultrasonic sensors properly tuned. This data, properly elaborated, allows to change the air volume in real time, adapting it to the canopy density and much more, because for the first time on a vineyard and orchards sprayer has been mounted PWM nozzles, that spray with a high frequency instead to a continue flow for a better control of the crop protection product. 

Smart Synthesis - CaffiniSmart Synthesis - Caffini

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DELLA TOFFOLA France – Ampelos

Continuous flow pressing system

The new Ampelos continuous flow pneumatic pressing system is an integrated pressing system, which allows work to be conducted in continuous cycle. The system consists of 3 automatic presses linked by sensors and artificial intelligence integrated in a single structure. The continuous mode is achieved by creating a synergy between several small individual presses used in modular expansions, with the priority on quality. This approach allows high capacities to be achieved with relatively small presses and offers a substantial quality edge.

Della Toffola - Ampelos

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ERO - Defoliator VITIpulse Combi

The game changing development VITIpulse Combi combines roller defoliator and airblast defoliator into one machine to give the customer the best of both worlds. By bringing together the both world market-leading defoliation systems, the premium defoliation quality and highest speed are now combined in one task. In addition, with the VITIpulse Combi a more targeted result can be achieved and significantly less damage will occur.

Defoliator - ERO

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NETAFIM – Netflush™

Flush valve enabling remote operation

NetFlush™ is a unique drip valve as it is the only one to allow remote operation, compatible with thin, medium and heavy wall lines. NetFlush™ can be installed in any drip system, whether sub- or on surface. 

Netflush - NETAFIM

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New ecological, systemic and glyphosate-free weed control system, giving the narrow vineyard sector the ability to strike a balance between organic solutions and low carbon footprint.

AgXtend - New Holland

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Grape harvest destemmer and sorter

Intégral’ Winery is a 2-in-1 destemming and mechanical sorting system. It is the next step in the evolution of the Selectiv’ Process Winery range. The performance of the machines has been maintained both in terms of throughput and in the quality of destemming and sorting. Numerous improvements have been made to meet the new environmental needs of wineries: reducing electricity and water consumption. Improvements have therefore been made for washing and operator safety.


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Combination of tangential filters to optimise the filtration performance of liquids with suspended matter (must deposit, lees, retentate)

The FILTR’ACTIV combination is a 2-in-1 equipment for the filtration of products with a high suspended solids content and wines. As the only technical alternative to rotary vacuum and press filters, the FILTR’ACTIV range combines the best of tangential tubular filtration and dynamic tangential flow filtration technology to achieve unequalled performance in terms of production flow rates, quality of the filtered product and yield.


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The VSE 230 Cane puller extracts the vine shoots from the underside.

VSE 230 - Provitis

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Soufflet Vigne – Spray Protect

Bioprotection bacteria spraying system

The Spray Protect from Soufflet Vigne in partnership with Chr. Hansen. Spray Protect is a system to spray yeasts and bacteria for the bioprotection of harvested grapes. It consists of a 10L mobile pressurised tank, a flow meter and a Giraffe sprayer with adjustable nozzles. The system can be configured according to the different grape sorting or conveying belt devices. 

Soufflet Vigne - Spray Protect

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Livio RAPID is a tool to simplify the manual mounting of the ART.65LIV (“Livio hook”, or training stake clip by Vignetinox). This tool substantially reduces fitting time and guarantees the standardisation of the set-up of the Livio hook by ruling out human error, which is the main reason for their inefficiency. RAPID features a rapid and calibrated movement, resulting in excellent locking between the stake, the wire and the clip.


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VITIBOT - Confined spraying with recovery panels to be fitted onto the bakus automated latform produced by vitibot.

Innovative, fully electric device suitable for the Bakus automated platform produced by VitiBot. Equipped with the latest spraying technologies, it offers, among other things, a significant increase in operator safety due to their remoteness, energy savings, precise and quality spraying using the most efficient technologies in the area, and economic efficiency due to the drastic reduction of drift and the recovery and reuse of sprayed products. 


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#3rd Trend : Product innovation, commercial differentiation and eco-design

This trend had been observed on a modest scale for several years, but has taken on slightly more importance in recent editions. This differentiation aims for better positioning of products, their price and their image in comparison with the competition, or to expand into new markets. But it also involves seeking to create an image more in step with expectations from society, in particular through the design of products or the reduction of the environmental footprint. 

Biopythos - 3D printing process for ceramic wine maturing vats 

3D printing of ceramic jars provides new possibilities for the manufacture of ceramic containers in terms of shape, reproducibility and technical performance that were previously unattainable with current processes.

Procédé impression 3D Jarres - Biophytos

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Full range of nut shelling machines

The FLCA COQUAS range, developed around the FLCA sheller is scalable: it allows you to start with a basic complete configuration and increase your production capacity later. The FLCA line allows you to be totally autonomous, from the transport of
the nuts to the cracker to the calibrated output of the finished product: the raw almond. Other undeniable advantages: traceability, foodstuffs and the possibility of organic certification.

Coquas - gamme machine décortiquer

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IFO has been working for 30 years to hybridize and select varieties that keep their red flesh, while offering very good taste. The range includes varieties with different maturities (early to late) and even disease resistant varieties. The common feature
is the very good taste, which ranges from tart to predominantly sweet and very fragrant. Kissabel® is the brand name for this new range of varieties, developed through the Ifored organisation, a consortium of 14 producers/suppliers from 13 countries. Seven varieties from this range are currently being launched commercially.

Kissabel - Dalival

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LITHOBRU - Collection Nature - Les Inattendus de Lithobru

Lithobru has set up 3 steps to support its clients in having a truly Eco-responsible approach in the design of their labels: Eco Design / Eco Inking / Eco-Conception. The new «Nature» range is characterised by bio-sourced papers with alternative plant fibres (hay and tulip bulbs), but above all by eco-responsible printing techniques with second life inks and gilding, which bring a new approach to packaging that shows greater respect for the environment.

Les inattendus de Lithobru

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The TK Methane Power is a specialised tracked tractor fuelled by bio methane for CO2 neutral wine production as part of an energy independent farm scheme. The tractor’s size has not been increased to allow it to continue working in confined spaces and row crops. It is an environmentally and economically innovative product.

TK Methane Power - New Holland

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Innovative bottle neck waxing machine range

Presticire machines allow you to control the regularity of how you apply the wax to your bottle, and guarantee your unique identity, all of which can be adjusted directly on the machine. Presticire aims for excellence with its high value-added automatic and high quality neck waxing. 

Presticire - Soufflet Vigne

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French oak truncated cone vat and a stainless steel vat with a floating lid.

Because communication is at the heart of the winegrower’s profession, we have adapted this technical product by integrating it into the wooden vat for an authentic and warm aesthetic result. The InOak vat is the successful marriage of performance, modernity and cooperage tradition! 

Cuve InOak - Tonnellerie Rousseau

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VINVENTIONS – Nomacorc Blue Line

Blue Line, a range of closures made from recycled plastic.

The Blue Line is a new category of closures for which 50% of the raw material comes from recycled plastic. This significant proportion of recycled plastic in these closures is ISCC+ certified through a system called «Mass Balance».


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