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France Olive, the French inter-professional olive association, was founded in 1999 to serve the olive oil then the olive growing sector. It is the olive-specialised section of the oil seed and protein crop inter-profession (TerresUnivia).

With official recognition from the Government, this body brings together all the partners in the French oil sector (producers, cooperatives, millers, olive oil processors and bottlers, table olive preservers and tree nurseries). As a place for consultation and decision, France Olive is at the service of the profession to enable French olive growing to develop, and to raise the profile of the products from the sector.

Its main missions are: Production and processing techniques, Economic and regulatory affairs, and Communication/promotion of the sector.

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On Tuesday 28 November 2023, France Olive will be holding its “Olive Day” at SITEVI.

On the agenda for the day:

09:30 – 11:00: Optimising irrigation: soil, control systems, important periods, the Eau’Live newsletter

Presented by Julien Balajas in association with SCP and BRLe

11:00 – 12:00: “Oléiculteur”, a decision support tool (DST) for a successful olive grove.

Aims, how it works, current and future features, etc.

Presented by Laurent Belorgey and Julien Balajas, with the assistance of Weenat for explanations on meteorological data and its use as part of the DST.


14:00 – 16:00: Creation & installation of an olive grove:

  • Key success factors
  • Olive trees and vines: discussions around two complementary workshops on farming

Presented by Hélène Lasserre in association with (to be confirmed)

Olive Day is happening in the exhibition’s live content forum.


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France Olive will be holding olive oil masterclasses at the show.

Coming up:

  • Tuesday 28 November at 16:30: Introduction to French olive oil tasting; discovering three taste families: a glimpse of the aromatic diversity of olive oils, advice on tasting and choosing your oil.
  • Wednesday 29 November at 10:30: Discovering French olive oils, singularity and diversity. There is not just one French olive oil. It offers a wide diversity of flavours, with varieties, terroir and know-how all playing a role. Discover a few very specific oils offering original or singular tastes.
  • Wednesday 29 November at 13:30: PDO French olive oils. A connection between product and terroir is what the PDO recognition represents. For olive oils, this connection gives rise to specific tastes and unique aromatic notes. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just a novice, come and discover them!
  • Wednesday 29 November at 15:30: Discovering olive oils from terroirs between Provence and Occitania: PDO, single variety, blends… come and taste the diversity of the olive oils from the south of France.
  • Thursday 30 November at 10:30: Olive oil:matured olives / olives at ripeness, what’s the difference? Why do we talk about matured and ripeness? Discover the oils of two taste categories and discover their differences.
  • Thursday 30 November at 15:30: Intense, mild, fruity: vocabulary and experimentation of the diversity of French olive oil !


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