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Supporting the agroecological transition and the resilience of farms in Occitania

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Room B - Forum - Hall B5

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Chambre régionale d'agriculture d'Occitanie

Place :

Room B - Forum - Hall B5


When, in 2020, it adopted its Plan de Transformation et de Développement- Pacte vert (Green Deal), the Occitanie/ Pyrénées-Méditerranée Regional Authority confirmed the political belief that the crises that we are experiencing call for “a global change in our development model.”

The Green Deal aims to go further towards an “economic model that is sustainable for the planet” that creates added value, “conveys social and ecological justice”, with the desire to build a new, more resilient model, on the foundation of current assets and the high potential of the region. For our farming, food companies and our communities, the aim is to bring about the convergence of two essential transitions: the transition of production systems (agroecology, climate change adaptation, income and appeal, etc.) and the food transition (consumption modes, food quality and safety, etc.).

This goal, already translated into reinforced farming sector aid mechanisms, is at the heart of the ongoing construction of the forthcoming 2023/2027 rural development programme.


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