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Digital plot management in winegrowing

Sessions :

  • Wednesday 1 December 2021 14:00 - 14:45 - Duration : 00h45

Room D - Forum - Hall B5

Wednesday 1 December 2021 - 14:00 - 14:45
Duration of the event : 00h45


Montpellier Sup Agro

Place :

Room D - Forum - Hall B5


Digital plot management is a crucial issue for the winegrowing sector. It helps to guarantee communication and exchange of information between different (digital) services, and the different players in the sector, including the public administration. At the end of a working group bringing together several institutions and companies, the different uses of digital plot management and the diversity resulting therefrom were formulated. The workshop will present these findings together with a best practice approach to help achieve seamless information sharing between the sector’s players. It will also present a structural approach aiming to better define the digital plot management(s) for all the actors in the sector.



  • Thomas CRESTEY

    Sup Agro
    Ingénieur d'étude responsable du Mas numérique

    Gauthier DEBARGE

    My easy farm
    Bussiness developper

    Clément FRAIGNEAU

    Fondateur & CEO

    Jérôme HOURDEL

    Oenologue consultant

    Amélie LEON


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