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Conferences programme

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50 talks and round tables led by experts to address the challenges and issues of the vine, wine, fruit and olive sectors. But also to discover the latest trends and innovative solutions and discuss practical problems encountered today.

Organized by IFV in collaboration with the Montpellier Vine and Wine Sciences public research and higher education organizations (INRAE, UM, Institut Agro Montpellier) and professionals (SudVinBIO, CA), as well as the show's partners, these events attract an average of 2,000 attendees over three days. Some will be translated simultaneously into English.

Discover the main subject headings in 2023 and some of the first titles of talks or round tables.


Photo conférence SITEVI

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Climate change adaptation and mitigation

Conferences on climate change adaptation and mitigation


Agroecology conferences

Advice and service

Advice and service conferences

Vineyard decline

Conferences on vine decline

Equipment and new technologies

Conferences on equipment and new technologies

Arboriculture industry

Conferences on the arboricultural sector

Vine and wine

Conferences on the vine and wine sector

Olive industry

Conferences on the olive industry

Wine industry

Conferences on the wine industry

Wine industry

Conferences on the wine industry

Sustainable management of vineyard soils

Conferences on sustainable vineyard soil management

Oenology of the future

Oenology of the future conferences

Resistant varieties

Conferences on resistant varieties

Organic viticulture

Conferences on organic viticulture

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