SITEVI Innovation Awards 2017 judging panel

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Jury presidents

Photo de Jean-Pierre Van Ruyskensvelde

Co-President of jury SITEVI Innovation Awards

General Director of The French Wine and Vine Institute (IFV)


Co-President of jury SITEVI Innovation Awards

Managing Director of Technical joint trade Centre for Fruit and Vegetables (CTIFL)

Technology advisers

Photo de Gilbert GRENIER

Professor of Automatic and Engineering of Equipments.

Author of the book " Precision Agriculture. The new technologies at the service of an ecologically intensive agriculture".

Photo de Frédéric VIGIER
Frédéric VIGIER

Délégué à l'expertise - Institut national de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies pour l'Environnement et l'Agriculture (IRSTEA)

Photo de Florentino JUSTE
Florentino JUSTE

Professor of Research at the University of Valencia

Director of the IVIA 1993-2013. Past president of the European Society of Agricultural Engineering, 2008-
2010(EurAgEng), Member of the Agriculture Academy of France Currently invited professor at the Dto Ingenieria Rural (DIRA) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Photo de René AUTELLET

Freelance Consultant

Members of the jury

Christian BRIAND

I have got a double training engineer for food ONIRIS Nantes and MBA from the University of Burgundy DIJON. I was an officer in charge of Innovation in Lower Normandy, Midi-Pyrenees, Poitou-Charentes and Brittany. Then I became Delegate in charge of Innovation in Champagne-Ardenne. I worked in two large cider regions and three large wine-growing regions with the equipment manufacturing companies for these sectors. I am Responsible for collaborative projects within the Expertise Division at the head office of Bpifrance for
8years. Bpifrance's role is to support companies through innovation, financing, strengthening of funds and export

Stéphane CHAPUIS

Responsable du service agroéquipement de la Fédération Nationale des Coopératives d'Utilisation de Matériel Agricole (FNCUMA)

Dr Pierre-Henri DUBUIS


Phytopathologist in the mycology and biotechnology group at Agroscope Changins since 2008. 2000-2004 : PhD thesis in plant biology at the University of Fribourg. 2005-
2007Post-doc at Syngenta in Stein in the fungicide resistance group. Research interests: epidemiology of grapevine diseases, disease models and decision support systems, control strategies, application techniques, evaluation of the efficacy and side effects of fungicides for grapevine in the expert system for pesticides registration in Switzerland.

Béatrice EMIN

‎Responsable syndicale - ‎Union des Œnologues de France

Responsable Syndicale à l’Union des Œnologues de France depuis mars 2017, elle a notamment travaillé à FranceAgriMer en tant que coordinateur des experts Techniques de la délégation française à l’OIV. Elle a également participé aux Comités de Gestion Viticole et Spiritueux à Bruxelles.



Engineer from ENSAIA, was in charge of the development for the French Institute for Beverages (IFBM) and has managed during 14 years the French Institute of Packaging (IFEC Promotion). In 2003, she creates “Côté Emballage” offering expertises, studies, training and promotion as 4 types of services in packing and packaging. International packaging expert for the United Nations, she is consultant for the international packaging exhibition All4pack since 2003. Member of the European Packaging Institutes Consortium, she is also professor for the National Polytechnic Institute in Lorraine

Florian KHALIL

I joined in June
2016the Technical division of AXEMA, the French Association of agro-equipment and agroenvironment manufacturers. I specialize in the regulatory and normative aspects of this field, including the drafting of a technical guide on the European type-approval of trailers and towed vehicles.

Géraldine KRAUSZ

Chargée de mission Innovation chez TERRALIA

Agronomy engineer, I am specialized in nutrition with a PhD at INRA laboratory. Then, I worked in R&D team in several food industries as clinical trial manager and as new product developer. Able to understand the both contexts in academic research and private R&D, I am actually working in Terralia, the South-East France's cluster for the vegetal, agricultural and food sector. I am working with our partners to support the development of collaborative projects in research and development.


Deputy director for scientific and technical programs at IFV

Engineer oenologist, Valérie LEMPEREUR works at the French Vine and Wine Institute (IFV) since 1999. Based in Villefranche-sur-Saône in Beaujolais, its expertise focuses on differents themes, linked to the concerns of the professionals of the wine sector, such as the optimization of the vinification, the oenological inputs, the sanitary quality of wines, the valorization of the by-products, agroecology.

Ariane Voyatzakis

Agriculture and Food industry manager - Bpifrance

Ariane Voyatzakis holds a master’s degree in engineering from Agroparistech and a master’s degree in finance from Sciences Po Paris. In 2001, she joined Bpifrance as a venture capital investor in life sciences. Since 2005, Ariane has been head of the Agro-food sector within the Innovation Department. She performs technical and financial analysis of innovation projects, is in charge of public relations and publishes an annual report of innovation trends in the sector.


Institute for Agricultural and Earth-Moving Machines National Research Council of Italy Phd


Spécialiste des équipements vitivinicoles de l'Institut Francais de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV)


Direction technique et scientifique Fruits/Légumes au Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes (CTIFL)


Director scientifique du Pôle agriculture Center of Research in Plant, Animal and Human Nutrition Sciences – Agrotecnio Universitat de Lleida

Research Group on Precision Agriculture, AgroICT and Agrotechnology Center of Research in Plant, Animal and Human Nutrition Sciences – Agrotecnio


Responsable Concours @Œnologues de France

Union des oenologues de France

Béatrice DA ROS

Oenologist (pharmacy faculty of Montpellier)

• Director general of “L’Union des Oenologues de France” (Union of French Oenologists) from 1990 to 2017 • Manager of “EURL Oenologues de France” (company organising tasting competitions) • Manager of the competitions organized by « EURL Œnologues de France » • Expert for the group “Droit et Information du Consommateur” (Consumer Right and Information) of the « Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin »